International Distributors

Australia — email Catherine Shann at Bobangles

Belgium / The Netherlands / Luxembourg — email Lino at Lino et le Marinier

China — email Victor Hsu at Stationery Society(文房具社)

Denmark / Sweden / Norway — email Sookie Koban at Cavallini & Co.

Finland — email Nina Vuorela at Putinki Oy

France — email Sophie Caumeau at Letterbox

Germany / Austria / Switzerland — email Jochen Frank at Cavallini & Co.

Germany (bookstores only) — email Frank Krampikowski at Da Capo

Israel — email Ami Guetta at Yooletta

Italy — email Brad Parberry at Cavallini & Co.

Japan — email Ginza Yoshida at Cavallini & Co.

South Korea — email Chan Young Kim (김찬영) at Cavallini & Co.

Mexico — email Sandra Gresati at Casa Greha

New Zealand — email Helen Harvey at Live Wires

Spain — email Brad Parberry at Cavallini & Co.

United Kingdom / Other worldwide inquiries — please fill out the Wholesale Account Request Form